The Antonio Altobel Clock Company is the producer of Pendulum Style and Contemporary Clocks. We have been Italian artisan clockmakers since 1968 and have been exporting our clocks worldwide since 1969. Our home/factory is located in the small town of Sanguinetto in the province of Verona, which is world famous because of the traditional Summer Opera Festival held in its 2000 year old Roman Arena and as the setting of Shakespeare's, "Romeo and Juliet".

We specialize in hand woodcarving, fine poli-chrome wood inlaying, shiny high gloss polyester finish as well as fine Venetian handmade lacquer finish. Our clock cabinets are created by traditional woodworking processes using very simple woodworking machinery in the initial stages. Every clock is then processed by hand tools only, from wood selection, construction, sanding, finishing, assembling, movement installation, testing, packing, through the final shipping. In 1984 we introduced a number of new materials: aluminium, colored crystals, carbonium fibre, marble and granite powder, and pounded paper to our traditional ones: wood, glass, steel and wrought iron. Since that time we have continuously attempted to develop new combinations for adapting our clocks to current life styles and trends.

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