To make furniture is our passion, and this has led to Mobilfresno over the years, from its foundation to transform a small family business into a internationally successful company specialized in custom-designed furniture of high quality for home and facilities. MOBIL FRESNO, S. L. formed dated 26th January,1977 , started with an initial capital of 525,000 pesetas, and a staff of 6 workers in a factory of 400 m2 , with its production of auxiliary furniture. During the following successful years, its expands the template, the productive surface and the range of products, currently being manufactured different lines marketedd by under the name of following brands, for each of them, there is a different commercial network : ALTERNATIVE: specializing in environment friendly products and sustainable habitat. MOBIL FRESNO: specializing in contemporary furniture and art deco. And finally, our division of furniture to CONTRACT, thanks to the significant development in the hospitality industry in the last twenty-five years, our CONTRACT Department has acquired a extensive experience as a manufacturer of custom-made furniture and equipment for hotels, with a broad portfolio of successful projects undertaken worldwide.

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