Dupen group has a team of 180 staff working for you, using the latest technology in manufacturing with high innovative machinery. Our goal is to continously improve our work and quality.
Ever since the dupen group was born our goal is to constantly innovate, improve and adapt the latest technology to our production. We rely mainly in our quality control department to always check and improve all our products and continue to seek production improvements and find better ways to make our production line more productive.
We are in a constant evolution to develop and meet client's request. We invest in quality and technology. One fundamental for our company is our quality control department always working to improve the quality of our products and our production.
We are proud that over the years we can now reach a daily production of 1,000 mattresses per day, with the best production standards and best quality.

Due to our long experience, we have achieved success and great results in our production progress, however we always strive for better results and will always continue to improve and innovate as we have done throughout all the years.

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