Pininfarina is the very epitome of Italian panache all over the world.

With over 80 years’ of experience behind it, this company boasts a vast range of skills and talents and its brand name has become a watchword for purity, elegance and innovation - virtues that are perfectly embodied by its lineup of highly competitive services and products.

Primarily active in the field of design, engineering, planning and creation of one-off or limited-edition cars, Pininfarina has turned its idiosyncrasies into strengths - something which emerges from the words of all those who have contributed to making this company great. This is what Pininfarina has to say on the meaning of Italian style: “It amounts to balanced lines, a sense of proportion, simplicity and harmony, so that even after considerable time has elapsed a sense of vitality still lingers after the memory of the initial beauty fades”. Andrea Pininfarina equates keeping quality standards high to products with a pared-back functional core. “And that requires a combination of creativity and innovation”. Paolo Pininfarina`s words reflect the company`s passion for innovative technology when he states that “design is the human side of innovation”.

 Lastly Sergio Pininfarina extols the virtues of shape which is “the outcome of sustained effort aimed at achieving outstanding quality standards. Basically, design strikes a balance between form and technology as well as between good taste and practicality. Nothing could be better suited to Italian talent than this quest for a perpetual and happy balance between beauty and functionality”.

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