Rectangular baking dish with stand Radial

28800 AMD

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The black rectangular baking dish with Tuxedo support is part of a vast collection with a strong two-tone component signed by Andrea Fontebasso. Equipped with a black steel support, this black baking dish with beige floral pattern combines practicality with refined aesthetics, and can be used as an ovenproof dish to serve and share courses of first, second and side dishes. Ideal to combine with Tuxedo the whole collection. 

Techincal instructions

- Code: S41AF1S4220

- Width: 28 cm

- Length: 21 cm

- Liter: 1.7 l

- Color: Black and white


- Series: Gourme Radial

- Material: ceramic

- Country of manufacture: Italy



- Can be washed in the dishwasher

- can be used in the microwave

- scratch resistance 



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