Cylindrical mug with spoon

15300 AMD

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Mugs of different shapes and sizes with gold boxes and Christmas decorations make up the Monarch line by Andrea Fontebasso.


Gold and pink details cover this set, consisting of a mug, a teaspoon and a box with a bow, with a classic and sophisticated shape that is reminiscent of English living rooms and tea drinking.


Ideal as a gift or for a good time with a cup of good tea or sweet chocolate.


In this elegant and functional set, the cup is dishwasher safe and microwaveable, while the box can be used as a cookie container or as a jewelry box.


Techincal instructions

- Code: NL014892304

- Liter: 280ml

- Width: 7 cm

- Length: 12 cm

- Weight: 250 g

- Color: multicolor


- Series:  Monarch 2304

- Material: porcelain

- Country of origin: Italy



- capable

- easy to use

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