A rug exuding great elegance, with a soft surface and a highly versatile, eclectic design, Alps conveys intimacy and warmth to any interior.


Hand-crafted using techniques fully in line with the finest tailoring methods employed by upscale furriers, the Alps rug is created by assembling pieces of sheepskin, reaching a consistent overall weight of 3 kg per square meter.
The skins, sourced from New Zealand, are imported, selected and carefully tanned in line with the highest quality standards.
The surface is extremely durable and strong, yet soft and warm at the same time: its softness enhances its preciousness and ultra-comfortable feeling. Sheepskin is highly durable, anti-static and sound-absorbing.


Personalized on the back with an elegant jacquard fabric featuring the Minotti logo, it guarantees anti-slip properties, thanks to a technical printed cotton fabric with micro-particles of silicone running along the perimeter sides.


It can be dyed in the Iron, Silver, Moka and Black colours and can be made-to-measure.



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