Tall and thin, for a space that leans towards verticality; and low and wide, for a large, airy living room. Flute`s figure reminds both that of an elegant glass, and that of a calm and relax lake: the marble base creates a solid support, that expands, widening through the metal structure - structure that quietly provides support for the inlayed top, made of fumé transparent glass.



Nicola Tonin

«It`s simple: you can`t imagine a world without design.»


Nicola Tonin, born in Padova in 1980, starts working for his family business, Tonin Casa, right after getting his High School Diploma as a professional in the Furniture Industry. In 2004, at Salone Internazionale del Mobile, he presents his first products, some of which are still part of the best-selling products of the company. In 2011, he decides to further his studying, and takes a Masterclass at CUOA, in Vicenza. During these years, he develops his style, that gets his inspiration from art, architecture, and yet from an instinctive simplicity that becomes design. One of the most important steps in his research, is trying to bring a futuristic vision into our time, because, as he always says: “What world would it be, without design?”.


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