Sophia is an off-beat chair with rational pristine design.


Its most striking feature is the sleek geometrical positioning of the two slender metal rods forming the frame to which the backrest and seat are firmly anchored. Both the backrest and seat come in plywood with padding and upholstered. A lightweight yet sturdy chair that will fit seamlessly into any setting.



Carlesi Tonelli

Combining different areas of expertise and careers in industrial design, we founded our studio in 2004. We link a passion for design to our knowledge of materials and technolo-gies, and producers’ practical demands to the ever-evolving market trends.

We accept the challenge to find new meaning in simple things, adding harmonious and friendly shapes to both private and public scenarios, meant and made to last and express high technical and aesthetic qualities. Design, art direction and communications are the fields where we perform and interact with our customers, in a relationship where we share values and goals.


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