Plumage keeps intact its great visual impact. Its feathers unburden the volumes, giving it dynamicity at the same time. A lamp that, thanks to the variety of colors and dimensions, fits different environments, maintaining its uniqueness. The fabric of its feathers has excellent sound-absorbing capacities, in addition to being flame-retardant. Thanks to its Equivalent Sound Absorbing Area as far as 1.67, the reduction of the noise can reach up to 35%.



Manuel e Vanessa Vivian

Culture and craftsmanship. Manuel Vivian, a long-experienced designer, is an unwitting guardian of the best in Italian artistic and manufacturing tradition. He is an expert in artisan production processes, in his creations he sets no limits to experimentation. Some of the most important historical collections of Axolight are the result of Manuel’s creative idea: Bell, Skin, Skirt, Spillray, Fairy, Aura, Clavius, Virtus, Polia, Framework. Vanessa, a talented daughter following the footsteps of her father, is the creative mind behind the Layers and Plumage collections, objects that seem to come from the inspiration and experience of mature and complete designers, rather than the imagination and uncontaminated vision of a young designer, an excellent standard-bearer of a great family legacy.


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