An improvement to any mattress available on the market. Dupen Luxe mattress combines two different materials to offer all the advantages during all seasons.

The mattress face for warm months is made of viscogel which provides a cooling effect. It is free of humidity, ventilated and generates a very pleasant temperature for the summer months. The winter face is made of high density memory foam that distributes body temperature evenly, creating a warmer and comfortable feeling and greater sense of comfort during the cold months.

Summer side: Viscogel. Gel mattresses have been used for therapeutic purposes in hospitals. The gel is a new and innovative option for resting and is now available at home with the Dupen Luxe mattress. The Viscogel is made of memory foam material with gel pearls incorporated into the foam that allow a better passage of air in a way that helps to dissipate the body heat, providing more comfort, support and a fresh surface, free of humidity for the summer months. The gel is a very flexible and elastic material with innumerable properties beneficial to enjoy a good sleep.
Winter side: Memory foam.

This remarkable space age material senses your body temperature and weight and conforms perfectly to our body mass, distributing your body weight evenly and keeping your spine in perfect alignment.



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