Couch with differentiated – density fixed padding, with feather back and seat cushions with removable cover.


Through its elegant and large shapes, Mister P provides real comfort. Thanks to its size, it becomes a real relaxing retreat, a piece in which you can abandon yourself after an exhausting day. This couch distinguishes for the special padding that provides along lasting well being sensation; for such reason it is perfect to welcome your guests as well.


Mister P completes the modular couch formed by the other pieces of the same line. This element is the largest among them and it is perfect to integrate with a corner piece or to extend the relaxing surface of a central element. You can create the perfect couch according to the dimensions of your living room and the position of the contemporary furniture already there.


In addition, the upholsteries can be customised in order to create an original and tailor-made piece of furniture: in fact, you can choose leather or fabric, or even combine two different materials for the body and the cushions.


Lastly, Mister P allows to create classic luxury living rooms that also contemplate modern style. But it is not enough: besides the aesthetics, Mister P provides sophisticated comfort as well. The differentiated – density padding provides absolute comfort lightly supporting the body weight.



Mister P modular

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