Design, technical modernity and functionality: these are 3 fundamental elements of Axolight’s corporate vision.


Axolight’s goal is to create lighting fixtures generating a feeling of pleasure, desire and intellectual well-being.


A company specialized in the production of high-end decorative lamps, considered in its market as niche, was founded 25 years ago near Venice, a crossroad between central European and Mediterranean influences. The company has its operations centers in Italy and in the United States and it is commercially present in approximately 90 countries all around the world.


Every single product, whether a standard or a bespoke production, is projected, developed, tested and assembled by hand typical to the best of manufacturing processes of \\\"Made in Italy\\\".


Due to their performance and style Axolight products can be used in residential, hospitality, and business fields.


The collections include a wide range of design chandeliers and lamps.


Quality, functionality and elegance, choice of sustainable materials and processes, created totally in synergy with designers like Dima Loginoff, Karim Rashid, Ryosuke Fukusada, Sandro Santantonio, Timo Ripatti, Brian Rasmussen, Manuel Vivian, Serge and Robert Cornelissen, Rainer Mutsch.



Axolight Lab
Davide Besozzi
Dima Loginoff
Gabetti e Isola
Giovanni Barbato
Karim Rashid
Manuel e Vanessa Vivian
Mario Alessiani
Rainer Mutsch
Ryosuke Fukusada
Sandro Santantonio
Sara moroni
Serge & Robert Cornelissen
Simone Micheli
Studio Yonoh
Timo Ripatti

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