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Antonio Calligaris starts his small artisanal business by producing the “Marocca” chair, typical model of the Manzano area in Friuli.


Calligaris believes in the importance of making home. A home to live where you can eat, sleep, work and play.


Shaped by real life design that tells your story, every Calligaris home is a world of its own.


Soft and elegant lines, warm and welcoming colours of the products really inspire.


For Calligaris the real homes are not museums of style, rather they are familiar spaces to be lived and filled with timeless memories. 


The innovative design should be engineered to offer real life solutions and essential comfort. 


Every space and home-maker’s needs are different, so Calligaris offers a wide range of products and made-to-order options to make sure you find what you like.


Welcome to Calligaris,


Make yourself at home 


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