The most modern among the classics, the most classic among the moderns 


It all began in 1967 thanks to the creative inspiration of Alberto Smania, who worked in iron manufacturing.


By a short step from iron to wood the company`s founder begins his adventure in the furnishing world.


Smania represents handmade culture. 


\"We, draw, cut, sew and produce furniture and accessories that contain the energy of our passion. We do not fill spaces with our furniture: thanks to exclusive details, it is our stylish pieces of furniture that decorate and characterize the most exclusive houses, the most elegant offices, the most prestigious yachts and hotels all over the world.


Two souls coexist in Smania design: yours and ours.


Smania design is able to give space to your mood, preserving Smania’s essence and its distinctive character.


Smania highlights the distinguishing features of different characters, reflecting them in every detail by selecting materials such as wood, fabrics, leathers, marbles and metals where your personality can be reflected. 


Each detail speaks of Smania soul․


What we achieve is harmony between passion and daring aesthetic taste. The ultimate result is excellence.


We shape your desires\".

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