Double bed with fixed padding, large chest and steel edging.

Caesar Train 360 is one of Smania’s best-selling beds and its headboard presents a soft geometric pattern.  With its majestic elegance, it completes the classical bedroom furniture with some modern touches. A wonderful steel edging surrounds the geometrical pattern while the soft headboard padding decorated by the stitching creates a squared and rectangular pattern that catches the gaze. The same stitching appears on the edges of the large chest, creating a refined continuum.

Its soft headboard guarantees unforgettable moments of relaxation even during the day and adds a chic touch to the room. Caesar Train 360 can be provided with a particular (optional) lift mechanism, thus obtaining an extra space within the chest.

In addition, it can be made up of different materials: choose the leather or fabric that better matches with your bedroom and select your favourite metal to create a very new double bed with original colours and materials.


Caesar Train 360

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