Wooden make-up vanity with solid wood structure, 2 steel mirrors, 4 swivel compartments, 1 sliding shelf and steel details.


Every authentic luxury bedroom has a make-up vanity. Loren is a beauty furniture for beauty, the perfect solution that satisfies every possible need, holding also the smallest objects.


In the wide main shelf an elegant circular covering hides a sliding shelf, thus creating a perfect shape that matches with the one of the two mirrors. The four swivel compartments complete the refined functionality of Loren, they vary in size so that they can hold different kind of objects.


This make-up vanity matches with modern style furniture that also presents classic features. In addition, it can be made up of different materials in order to match with your original style. You can select a different wood, colour of the leather and metal for the finishing.  Loren will be yours and unique.



Vanity Desk Loren

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