Saucepan 1 handle

35100 AMD

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The innovative, versatile and functional design of the Ambiziosa collection makes cooking easy and enjoyable. High quality granite effect non-stick coating, free of PFOA and nickel particles, which makes cooked food healthy and tastes natural. Thanks to the extra thick aluminum layer and the steel base, the cookware is suitable for cooking on all types of hob. The pan has a removable handle for easy storage. The saucepan has a removable handle for easy storage.


The pot is ideal for preparing sauces, gravies, stewing meats and vegetables. For all these long cooking times, it is preferable to use a lid to keep the liquid.

Techincal instructions

- Code: WL758H2GRTG

- Depth: 16cm

- Height: 8 cm

- Weight: 800 g

- Color:  grey 


- Series: Ambiziosa

- Material: Aluminum

- Country of origin: Italy



- scratch resistant

- can be washed in the dishwasher

- compatibility with all lime panels


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