Set of 2 tea towels Ophera

10800 AMD

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The Ophera collection by Andrea Fontebasso presents a wide range of textiles and table accessories with a classic and elegant touch, perfect for the fall season.


In fact, seasonal fruits and dark shades of blue and purple adorn these kitchen towels, perfect for cleaning the house, and they can be combined with the entire collection of textiles and matching utensils to create a set that will brighten up your table and your kitchen, adding taste and sophistication.



Techincal instructions


- Width: 50cm

- Length: 70cm

- Weight: 140 g

- Color: multicolor

- Type: set

- Series: Ophera

- Material: cotton

- Country of origin: Italy



- ecologically clean

- soft

- not disposable

- washable by hand and by machine

- shine is not lost even after many washes

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