Fish pan 36x25 cm

46800 AMD

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A fish frying pan is an indispensable element for those who like to have professional tools in the kitchen. Ideal for cooking fish, especially for pasta dishes. This pan combines functionality with an exclusive “Made in Italy” design.


The body is made of recycled forged aluminum and covered with a 5-layer non-stick marble effect coating, which provides high non-stick properties․ The bottom is made of anti-deformation radiant stainless steel, which ensures excellent performance at high temperatures thanks to the X-Fusion outer coating, even on induction cookers. 

Techincal instructions

- Code: W9758TDITAL
- Width: 25cm

- Length: 36cm

- Height: 4,2 cm

- Weight: 870 g

- Color: black


- Series: Italika Premium

- Material: aluminum

- Country of origin: Italy



- scratch resistant

- can be washed in the dishwasher

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