Square grill 28 cm

30900 AMD

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This 11 cantimeters square pan is made from durable PFOA-free forged aluminum and provides even heat distribution for even and consistent cooking. With protrusions on the inside of the pan, you can get perfect searing and grill marks on steaks, burgers, vegetables and more! This non-stick, scratch-resistant pan with marbled finish and soft faux wood handle adds an organic and natural style to your cookware collection. 


With the perfect balance of beauty and functionality, the Tognana Stone & Wood Style grill pan will quickly become a favorite in your cookware collection!


Techincal instructions

- Code: V77AL47MGRW

- Depth: 28cm

- Length: 28cm

- Height: 4,5 cm

- Weight: 1 kg

- Color: grey


- Series: Stone & Wood Style

- Material: Aluminum

- Country of origin: Italy



- scratch resistant

- can be washed in the dishwasher

- compatibility with all lime panels

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