Green high cup 8 cm

2700 AMD

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The Vulgania Veggie range surprises with rich colors. Shades are inspired by nature, namely the 3 stages of ripening of fruits and vegetables. Aesthetics is not the only important aspect of the Veggie Volcano line. The range has increased strength due to high-quality porcelain, hardened at high temperatures. The Veggie collection is the perfect choice for those looking to add color and quality to restaurants, bars and more.


Techincal instructions

- Code: VU004115576

- Depth: 8 cm

- Height: 4 cm

- Weight: 130 g

- Color: green 


- Series: Vulgania Veggie

- Material: porcelain

- Country of origin: Italy



- scratch resistant

- can be washed in the dishwasher

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