Rounded fabric or leather low table with marble top and brushed burnished steel details.


Iride is characterised by the unique shades of the Azul Macaubas marble: the quartzite crystals it is made up of design blue, light blue and golden abstract patterns.


However, beside the exclusiveness of the marble, the white leather upholstering the structure has another exclusive peculiarity: it is crossed by sinuous lines that create the typical soft Jersey pattern of the Contrast product line.


For such reason, Iride is part of luxury tables that match with any environment and finds its place next to furniture of modern living rooms that also contemplate classic style.


Lastly, since it is customisable, it combines with your style. You can change the marble or even create a wooden table top with your favourite type of wood. You can upholster it with fabric and change the metal reflection as well. There are many combinations available: scroll down and discover them in order to create your unique table.



Iride coffee table

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