A combination of fine cabinet-making and high-end technology, the Lou 2020 sideboards blend exquisite craftsmanship with an updated look, featuring new materials, colours and structural details. 


The Lou family, designed in 2017 by Christophe Delcourt and now revisited, includes a series of elements for the various areas of the home, such as the living sideboard and its TV console table version, and the dining, bar and night sideboards.
A combination of fine cabinet-making and high-end technology, their common denominators are their use of precious materials, such as Stone Grey marble, and the refined workmanship of the glossy Mud colour lacquer finish on the doors and back, and the matt Mud colour finish on the sides, while the base is in Pewter colour metal.


While maintaining the same precious, stylish details, they are a lighter version of the original, also in the new design of the legs, with square section.


The French designer has changed the rules of perception, adding hidden functions to offer a contemporary take on the meuble à secret of the antique tradition from the past. In this way, the console table features an interplay of drawers, the bar sideboard a concealed compartment covered in shiny steel, the classic sideboard a series of doors and drawers. Elements revealed when used on a daily basis, where every detail leads to the discovery of others.



Christophe Delcourt

Minotti first began working with Christophe Delcourt, self-taught designer, in 2016.


Particularly esteemed for his on-trend, understated elegance, and his exceptional sensitivity to materials and colours, Christophe Delcourt made his debut on the French design scene at the end of the 1990s.


He stood out immediately for his extreme focus on materials and for the sartorial attention he paid to every structural detail, visible throughout all the production phases of his seats and furniture.  In constant pursuit of perfection, and driven by a strong propensity for experimenting with textures, Christophe Delcourt owes his first steps in the industry and his professional growth to his close encounters with various artisans, including a blacksmith and a cabinet-maker, which helped him consolidate his skills as designer and maker. 


In 2016, he came into contact with Roberto and Renato Minotti, whose curiosity was aroused by his elegant, contemporary version of the Parisian décorator-like style: an exquisite balanced combination of pure design, refined materials and impeccable workmanship with sophisticated attention to detail.


Christophe Delcourt interpreted the more decorative aspect of Minotti with the 2017 debut of the Lou collection – storage units, tables and coffee tables – the Fil Noir armchair and the Noor coffee table.


The next year, his partnership with Minotti evolved with two new designs, the Granville seating system and the Dan table, and in 2019 he created the Daniels seating system and the Amber coffee tables-low units.


In 2020, the French designer revisited the Lou storage units for the living, dining and night areas giving their look, materials, colour palette and structural details a makeover.

Lou 2020

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