Love is part of the new range of padded chairs with a softly sculpted silhouette and vaguely vintage vibe.


One distinctive detail that unites all the components in the collection is the feature on the backrest which is an elegant extension of the metal legs. This strikingly stylish element bespeaks the unconventional design relationship between the seat in quilted velvet and the weight-bearing frame. Its yielding padding and the exquisite detailing on the metal frame make this Love chair into a piece of everyday luxury.



Orlandini e Radice

Andrea Radice and Folco Orlandini, graduates at the Milan Politecnico, the first in industrial design,  the second in architecture, meet after several work experiences. Since 2008 they  collaborate together on the design of several highly personal and incisive style products for Italian and international companies.

Andrea and Folco, guided by the idea of design intended as an emotion that combines functionality with a lasting shape. They believe in designing projects that are the synthesis of three elements: paternity, irony and improvement. Each creation is followed through all stages of growth. From the first idea to the development to the production, every phase step by step. Irony, understood as a constant search for what goes beyond the simple and obvious meaning of the object, has always distinguished the way of life of the two designers and hence their design approach that is always based on an improvement of what already exists. Growing means improving and improving means to be able to design products that are always better, from a productive, aesthetic, ergonomic, functional point of view.

Since 2008, RADICEORLANDINI studio has designed dozens of products for various furniture companies such as Alivar, Baleri Italia, Calligaris, Caoscreo, Casprini, Domitalia, Dorelan, Elite UK, Fast, Infiniti, Metalmobil, Oi – Side Spain, Potocco, Quinti Sedute, Schuster Brazil, Skitsch.

Among the various awards they received: in 2007 first prize in the MOV Design competition, 2010 special mention Young & Design, 2011,2013, 2017 Good Design Award Chicago Athenaeum,  2019 German Design Award.

Love chair

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