Couch with fixed padding, back and seat cushions with removable cover, 2 feather lumber cushions, burnished brushed steel armrests and wenge base.


Dorothy is refined elegance for luxury living rooms. It has a vibrant personality, deeply decorative but comfortable, and presents a very strong decorative power provided with excellent comfort.


Dorothy is part of classic luxury couches that also contemplate modern style, thus combining with furnishing that expresses both tastes. The shapes recall the most classic refinement: oblique and soft lines design the legs, the seatback and the armrests using three classic and refined materials: the soft leather, the bright metal and the effortless wood.


They can be combined according to your personal style in order to give Dorothy a new soul. Choose a different leather or fabric, combine the nuances and couple them with a different wood and metal. There are countless combinations available: give Dorothy your original style.


Dorothy 240

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