Elegance, uniqueness and innovation. Hamilton embodies timeless Minotti design.


This wide range of modular seating systems by Rodolfo Dordoni offers great flexibility and many customization options, guaranteeing original interior design and highly versatile use.

Its minimal linear design, compact volumes and characteristic metal base sitting close to the floor are the factors that have made Hamilton such a huge worldwide success since its launch in 2004.

Its unmistakable metal base in particular, like a frame outlining the perimeter of the elements, has become one of Minotti’s distinctive features and subsequently appeared in other forms and finishes, setting a real sector trend.


The Hamilton family of seats has never stopped evolving with time, hand in hand with the ongoing study of function, ergonomics and materials promoted by the company and highlighting its strong vocation for tailoring, inherent in the brand’s DNA.


There are three versions available in the collection, making Hamilton totally versatile: Hamilton, Hamilton Sofà and Hamilton Modulo.


Over the years, Hamilton has become an icon, the perfect protagonist of living areas with both traditional and more modern interior, thanks to its modular flexibility and wide range of upholstery.

A system attentive to aesthetic and function evolutions in contemporary lifestyles, which see living areas invested with a wide range of functions, such as relaxing, working, entertaining, and conversation.


Rodolfo Dordoni

The strategic collaboration between Minotti and Rodolfo Dordoni, architect and designer from Milan, began back in 1997.


Rationalist architect and professional with a multi-faceted personality, Rodolfo Dordoni met Renato and Roberto Minotti towards the end of the nineties. The Minotti brothers immediately considered Rodolfo Dordoni’s cultural background, professional experience and sensitivity as an interior decorator the ideal basis for forging a strong relationship. The challenge that faced them was to create a new vision of the company.


So, in 1997, Rodolfo Dordoni presented his first collection of seats, tables and coffee tables, including Suitcase, the iconic cubic armchair freely inspired by the world of fashion and luggage-making. A successful design, rigorous and non-conventional, which marked the beginning of a consolidated relationship that has spanned more than twenty years and shows no signs of slowing down.


The next year, in 1998, he was nominated Art Director and coordinator of all the company’s collections. This marked a turning point that launched him on a pathway of continuous research, guided by the values of coherence, determination, passion and enthusiasm. Over the years, it led to the definition of a full range for the home, designed for both indoor and outdoor environments and for Hospitality spaces, fully interpreting the concept of “collection” and “lifestyle”.


Year after year, collection after collection, this collaboration has played a part in reinforcing the brand identity and in giving the collections a feel of exclusivity, carrying a strong message of quality and fine Italian craftsmanship all round the world, by innovating and creating continuity. 


The collaboration has also extended to designing the stands for the various editions of the Salone del Mobile in Milan and Shanghai and the fair in Cologne, as well as the creation of spaces such as the Minotti New York flagship store, opened in 2010, and the company showroom installed in the headquarters in Meda in 2012.


His many iconic indoor and outdoor furniture designs created since he began working with the company over 20 years ago have recently been joined by some new additions - the Connery and Blazer indoor and the Sunray outdoor seating systems - all characterised by pure volumes, sharp geometries and a haute couture approach to sartorial craftsmanship - along with a myriad of furnishing solutions, small furniture and accessories.


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