Dupen has developed what is perhaps the best mattress in the world. A perfect combination of comfort, technology, durability and design. We have raised our quality to the highest standards by offering the market a mattress of high durability for very demanding customers with unique characteristics and extraordinary comfort. This mattress comes with a 20-year guarantee.

High density HR core mattress, combined with natural materials such as virgin wool, graphene memory foam and micro pocket springs creates a very unique and remarkable mattress.

Virgin wool in the winter side of the mattress is beneficial thanks to its thermal capacity to absorb moisture but also can be used in summer because it attracts and retains moisture continually when the outside temperature is very high. Wool helps to absorb heat and it releases a pleasant sensation of freshness.

Graphene memory foam. Graphene is a material formed of pure carbon and is considered the super material of the future. The graphene is a carbon layer of an atom of thickness, organized in Hexagon-shaped cells. It is a flexible and lightweight material that has infinite applications. One of them is to combine it with memory foam. In the Black Titan, the memory foam is enriched with graphene to provide even better and healthier properties. Anti-static: Reduces the static load produced by the body in the bed. Dissipates the humidity of the body, which creates a better environment by not accumulating heat during sleep. Antibacterial: Bacteria do not survive in an environment of graphene. Better pressure distribution thanks to the excellent properties of this material.


Black Titan

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