Taking its cues from the eponymous sofa, this bed boasts several striking features. The headrest is girdled by a decorative band which can be made to contrast against the base by using a different material or finish. Slender cylindrical feet hold up the bedstead. With fully removable covers, this bed comes either in fabric or leather.



Stefano Cavazzana

Born in 1966 in Mestre (Italy), Stefano Cavazzana graduated with honours in architecture from the university of Venice. In his home town, he works in the areas of design, architecture and company graphics. In the pursuit of his activities, he eschews the superfluous and strives towards the essential core intrinsic in all things, using a fusion of functional and constructional elements as his conceptual launchpad. This profoundly personal approach leads to the inception of new rules and forges new paths where the designer becomes morally accountable for his work and creates objects which exert a discrete allure, keeping the door to the past ajar whilst innovating and subtly bringing out the inherent identity of all the objects he comes into contact with. An artistic attitude that keeps the floodgates of creativity open whilst conveying curiosity, a sense of fun and delight”.

Mies bed

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