A story of Italian excellence 


Recreating classical and traditional shapes in a modern, sleek, and elegant form, Minotti, which has grown from a small, artisan workshop to a major manufacturer of design furniture, is now a prevalent name in the interior design of both residential and hospitality segments. Minotti has been operating under the artistic direction of architect Rodolfo Dordoni since 1998, and in line with his vision, the brand has become one of the most acclaimed manufacturers of design furniture.


Minotti’s success lies in a masterful blend of tradition and innovation: due to the combination of talented craftsmen and modern technological solutions the furniture is unique and exceptional.


Constantly improving its construction processes, materials, and technologies, as well as devoting a great deal of time and resources to research and development, the company is achieving worldwide success.


Minotti’s international vision has resulted in a widespread presence in 64 countries, through a network of 43 flagship stores and over 300 qualified dealers around the world.



Christophe Delcourt
Marcio Kogan
Rodolfo Dordoni
Gordon Guillaumier

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